Returning goods

Do I have to pay the shipping charges when I return a product I ordered? What is the return period?

You must pay for any costs of returning the goods if the seller has not agreed to cover them. You will find information on this in the terms and conditions of the agreement. You do not have to pay for the return if, prior to placing the order, the seller has not told you that the buyer will be responsible for paying any return costs as well as the amount of such costs in cases where it is not possible to return the goods by mail in a normal manner.

If you withdraw from a purchase, you must return the goods no later than 14 days after the notice of withdrawal. It is a good idea to keep a return receipt for the return, as it is your responsibility to prove that the goods have been returned within the time limit.

When should the seller make a refund for the purchases I have returned?

The seller must refund your payment at the latest within 14 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal. The seller has the right to withhold the refund of your payment until they have received the returned goods or until the buyer has provided proof of having returned the goods, for example by means of a return receipt. The seller must refund the payments using the same method of payment that the buyer used. If you paid for the purchase directly from your account, always provide the seller with your bank contact details, i.e., your IBAN and BIC codes.