Online shopping

European consumers buy more and more online. Here you can find information on withdrawal right and safe payments.

Purchasing products and services online has rapidly become more common. Online scams have also become more common. For this reason, when buying online, it is important to assess the seller’s trustworthiness if you do not already know the company. Before purchasing online, you should also find out what country the company is based in that you are purchasing from and where the products are delivered from. A trustworthy online seller will provide this information clearly.

When buying in online shops in the EU, consumers generally have a 14-day right of withdrawal, and there is no need for customs clearance of products delivered from the EU.

In case of problems, you must first investigate the matter with the seller. Please note that sometimes it may take more than one contact before a matter can be solved, and it is not always quick to communicate with the seller.

You can contact the European Consumer Centre of your country  if the matter cannot be resolved with the seller or if you need advice. You can use our sample forms to deal with the seller in English. If you live in Finland and need help regarding Finnish online shops, you can get advice from FCCA’s Consumer Advisory Services.