Before buying

When you are about to order goods or services from an online store located outside Finland’s borders in the EU, Norway or Iceland, the seller or service provider must provide you with advance information on questions that are important for your purchase decision. Pay particular attention to the country where the seller is located, where the products are delivered from, whether cancellation is possible and the return free of charge, and to the type of agreement – whether it is a one-time order or a continuous agreement.

Key information to be provided in advance:

  • the seller’s name, geographical address and home country, as well as their telephone number and e-mail address
  • an address to which you can submit a complaint if the address is different from the seller’s geographical address
  • the main features of the product offered on the website
  • the total price of the goods or services, including tax. If the price cannot be determined in advance because of the nature of the goods or services, the basis for determining the price
  • information regarding the 14-day right of withdrawal
  • form for withdrawal from purchase
  • information on no right of withdrawal, if applicable
  • information that the consumer must bear the costs of the return of the goods if they withdraw from the contract
  • information on statutory liability for defects in the goods (there are country-specific differences in the duration of the liability for defects)
  • duration of the agreement and information on its validity until further notice
  • for agreements valid until further notice, information on how to terminate the agreement
  • if the agreement can be renewed automatically, how to terminate it
    information on the possibility of bringing a dispute regarding the agreement to an out-of-court settlement body, if any