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This online service is the responsibility of the European Consumer Centre Finland.

The aim is to keep the content as up-to-date as possible and to correct any mistakes encountered without delay.

Our online services offer general advice and instructions . With their help, you may gain a preliminary understanding of your rights and, for example, obtain help in negotiations with an opposite party in individual disputes.

However, the information available on the site is not directly applicable to each individual case, and conclusions regarding one’s own case should not be drawn based on it alone.

  • We use cookies in our online services to improve the experience of users of the services and to monitor site traffic for example, so ensuring that the services are improved on the basis of actual user information.

  • You have the right to check the information about yourself that you send us and to require us to correct erroneous information and otherwise invoke your rights enshrined in the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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    Further information on the right to use the materials.

    Milla Lahtinen

    Head of European Consumer Centre Finland

    Päärnilä Tiina


  • The data communications in our online service are SSL encrypted, preventing outsiders from viewing or editing your communications. Any confidential messages to us can be sent via our host’s secure mail service.

    If you should discover an area of vulnerability or weakness in our services, please inform us.

    Antti Hovila

    Senior Communications Specialist

  • We aim to design and execute our online services in such a way that their content is comprehensible and functions as effectively as possible on different terminals and with different auxiliary equipment.

  • You can leave feedback on the functionality and content of our online service and suggest improvements. We take all feedback into consideration in the development of our services and operations.