Information on European Consumer Centre Finland

The European Consumer Centre Finland provides information on consumer issues in cross-border trade when you make purchases or order services outside Finland, from other EU Member States, Norway or Iceland. We can advise you on your rights as a consumer and help if there are problems connected, for example, with online shopping or travel.

We can tell you about current issues in cross-border trade, provide instructions for different situations, and, if necessary, warn you about the pitfalls of online shopping and suspicious situations.

We give advice on ordering products, payment and returns and other transaction problems.

We can also help you reach an arrangement in the case of a single cross-border trade transaction that is in dispute when you have not yourself been able to resolve the matter with the trader or company in question.   We can mediate in cases where a company you are having problems with is located in another EU Member State, Norway or Iceland. With companies outside the EU we do not have the powers to mediate in disputes.

Our services are free of charge to consumers. We mediate in cases in cooperation with the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC Net).

For Finnish companies, advice and conciliation services are available from FCCA Consumer Advisory Services.

In Finland we are part of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority

In Finland, the European Consumer Centre is part of the Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA). Within the FCCA, we belong to the Consumer Advisory Services unit and we work closely with the Consumer Ombudsman and the national consumer advisory services.

The European Consumer Centre Finland team consists of seven staff. Our work in Finland is sponsored by the Competition and Consumer Authority (Finnish state) and the European Commission.