Prices and additional charges


Before accepting an order, the seller must tell you the final total price that includes taxes, delivery costs and other additional charges. If, because of the nature of the product, the company cannot be reasonably expected to calculate the exact price in advance, you must be explained in advance how the price is determined.


You must not pay any costs which the seller did not tell you about before you placed the order. Surcharges refer to costs of ancillary contracts and ancillary services. If these costs cannot be calculated in advance, you must be told that you may have to pay such additional costs. Items that incur additional costs must not be automatically selected during the ordering process. For example, if an insurance contract is offered as an additional service to the buyer of an airline ticket, the seller must not offer it as a default option that you would have to reject in order to avoid the additional cost.

You do not have to pay any additional costs of which the seller has not informed about before the order was placed and to which you have not given your explicit consent.