How to complain

A written complaint must be filed with the agency location where the vehicle was picked up. This is due to the fact that the actual lease agreement is concluded with the rental company location that gives the car to the renter. Even if an advance reservation has already been made in Finland, the rental company that has made the reservation is only responsible for its own operations. However, these companies often help consumers investigate the matter.

If the rental company charges your credit card for services that have not been agreed upon, it is also advisable to file a complaint with your own credit card company and demand a refund (chapter 7, section 39 of the Consumer Protection Act). It is advisable to attach to the complaint a copy of the lease agreement and correspondence between the parties.

If an agency in another EU country, Norway or Iceland does not respond to your complaint or the matter is not otherwise resolved, contact the European Consumer Centre. For companies operating in Finland, you will receive advice from FCCA Consumer Advisory Services.