Car rental

Renting a car in Europe? Check out our tips on car rental on these pages.

What should I take into account when I am about to rent a car?

1) Check the requirements for the driver in the rental terms and conditions. One example of this is an age requirement for the driver.

2) Carefully review the lease agreement and reserve time to read it.

3) Do not sign the agreement if you do not understand its contents.

4) Find out what the rent price includes.

5) Examine the terms and conditions of the insurance policies.

6) Pay with a credit card.

7) Be careful when picking up and returning the vehicle.

8) The vehicle must never be returned outside the car rental company’s opening hours, and at least not be left in an unsupervised, non-fenced location.

9) Take photos of the vehicle when receiving and returning it.

I leased a car through a domestic car rental company for a trip abroad. Who is the agreement concluded with?

Even if you were to make the reservation through the website of a domestic car rental company, the actual rental agreement is usually concluded only when the car is picked up, with the rental company there. Be sure to reserve sufficient time to review the lease agreement, as the agreement and the legislation of the country in question determine, among other things, your obligations and responsibilities.

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