Delayed flight

You are entitled to standard compensation if your flight arrives at its destination at least 3 hours after the scheduled arrival, unless the delay is due to exceptional circumstances that could not have been avoided, even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

Use the table below to calculate the possible amount of standard compensation.

If the duration of the delay at the destination is at least five hours, you can choose to cancel the flight completely and get the ticket price back. The ticket price must be returned within seven days. The airline must reimburse the ticket price for each part of the journey not made and for any parts you have already made if the flight no longer serves a purpose in relation to your travel plan. You can also get a free return flight to the point of departure indicated on the flight ticket.

Please note that if you cancel your flight, you will also give up your right to care during the waiting period. This means that you cannot claim compensation for your meal, telephone, accommodation or transport costs incurred after cancellation. If the delay causes damage, you can claim compensation from the airline. Compensation can only be received for verifiable expenses, such as an unused train ticket that the passenger could not use because of the delay. You will usually not have the right to compensation for delays caused by weather conditions, security risks or an air controllers’ strike, for instance.