Air travel

Olemme koonneet näille sivuille toimintaohjeita muun muassa lentojen peruutus- ja viivästystilanteisiin, kun kyseessä on ulkomainen lentoyhtiö.

Is your flight delayed or cancelled, or did the airline deny boarding? Did your suitcase go missing? EU Regulation 261/2004 and the Montreal Convention establish the rights of air passengers and how they are applied.

On these pages, we have compiled instructions, for example, for flight cancellations and delays in the case of a foreign airline. We also explain what to do about luggage problems or when the airline goes bankrupt.

The rights of air passengers under the EU regulation apply both to self-reserved scheduled flights and to flights that are part of a package.

When do air passenger rights apply?

EU air passengers’ rights apply to domestic and international flights departing from the EU and to flights of EU airlines arriving from outside the EU. The rules also apply to Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, as well as the airlines of these countries.

With Brexit, EU rules on air passengers’ rights do not apply to flights from Great Britain to the EU for denied boarding, cancelled or delayed flights, if the flight was operated by an air carrier in Great Britain or another non-EU air carrier. However, EU rules continue to apply if your flight from Great Britain to the EU was operated by an EU air carrier, unless you have already received compensation or benefits under British law.