Evästeiden käyttö Euroopan kuluttajakeskuksen verkkosivuilla

Euroopan kuluttajakeskuksen verkkosivuilla käytetään evästeitä (cookies) käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseksi ja käyttöä koskevien tilastojen keräämiseksi. Lue lisää evästeiden käytöstä


I went on a one-week holiday to Italy. My suitcase only arrived a day after my arrival and I had to buy make-up, clothes and shoes. I complained to the airline, but they refuse to reimburse me for all of my purchases. How can this be possible?

If your luggage is lost on your outbound flight, you can claim compensation from the airline for any essential purchases such as personal hygiene products. However, you have an obligation to minimise the costs incurred. Some airlines provide their passengers with a set of essential items or a voucher to make essential purchases in these circumstances.

If your luggage does not arrive on the same flight as you, fill out a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) form in the arrivals hall of the airport. You must also send a written claim to the airline within 21 days of the date on which your luggage was returned to you.

Compensation is generally not awarded in cases where delayed luggage is the result of weather conditions, security risks or labour disputes.

My nice suitcase, which was only a year old, was badly scratched and the lock broken during a flight. I noticed the damage straight away but I did not have a chance to notify the airline until a few days later. Who is responsible for compensating me? I want a new suitcase.

Airlines are liable for any damage caused to passengers’ hold luggage during air transport or while under the care of the airline. In these circumstances, it is best to fill out a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) form as soon as you get your luggage, as it can be practically impossible for you to prove that the damage occurred while the luggage was in the airline’s care otherwise. You must also notify the airline as soon as you notice the damage and in any case within seven days of receiving your luggage or you will lose your right to claim compensation. It is also worth remembering that the amount of compensation will be lower than the price that you paid for the item when it was new.

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