Complaining about a package

During a trip, you may notice that something does not correspond to what you booked. For example, the hotel does not have the advertised pool, or no paid trips have been arranged.

Complain about shortcomings that can be rectified during the journey as soon as possible. The tour organiser, intermediary or their local representative must, without delay, take steps to find a suitable solution. In practice, this means that the shortcomings should already be reported to the guide or the hotel on the spot, so that they can be rectified as soon as possible. If, after the journey, you file a complaint about a shortcoming that could have been rectified during the journey, the right to a price reduction is generally not available.

Written complaint

If the shortcoming is not rectified or it is not possible to rectify it, submit a written complaint to the tour operator as soon as possible after the trip. Delay in filing a complaint may result in loss of rights.

In the complaint, indicate the parts of your trip that were inadequate and what compensation you are requesting. Most European companies are not able to deal with complaints in Finnish or Swedish; the complaint must be filed in English. Save a copy of the complaint you have sent. If you submit a complaint by using the company’s complaint form, save a copy for yourself.

Responsibility for errors

The organiser is always responsible for the entire travel package the contract concerns. Under the directive, the liability cannot be transferred to subcontractors used in the fulfilment of the package, such as transport companies, accommodation providers or other travel agencies. National legislation may include provisions on the basis of which the intermediary of the package may also be responsible.

The organiser is also responsible for damage caused by the deficiency or error in the journey. However, there is no responsibility if the shortcomings have been caused by, for example, a force majeure. However, the tour operator must assist the passenger experiencing difficulty without delay.

The tour operator will help you with a wide range of questions and problems and inform you of any changes to your trip. Make sure your travel agency has up-to-date contact information, such as mobile phone number and e-mail address.

Contact the European Consumer Centre, if necessary

If the problem with the travel package is not resolved favourably between you and the company, you can contact the European Consumer Centre for advice, if your tour operator is operating in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.

For a domestic tour operator, you will receive assistance and advice from FCCA Consumer Advisory Services. Your rights are governed by the act on linked travel services and the general terms and conditions of travel.