Cancellation of Snoop Dogg’s concert – instructions for getting a refund on your purchase

Snoop Dogg’s concert, which was to take place in July 2019 in Helsinki, has been cancelled. Ticket sales agent has advised consumers who purchased tickets to contact event organiser Phoenix Entertainment Finland by email at to get more information on how to get their ticket purchase refunded. At least some consumers have received an email from Phoenix, which includes preliminary instructions on how to request a refund. Consumers have been asked to supply their banking details and information on their tickets.

We have been contacted by dozens of consumers. We advise consumers to proceed in the following manner:

1)      If you paid for your concert ticket directly from your bank account or your debit card, you should send you bank account’s IBAN and BIC codes to Phoenix in order to receive your refund. Please note that this data can only be used to return money to your account not for charging payments from your account. If a refund is not made to your account, contact your bank to ask whether your debit card has a chargeback function, which could mean that you could get a refund directly from your bank. All cards do not allow for chargebacks.

2)      If you paid the ticket purchase with a credit card, you do not need to provide your credit card information to Phoenix. Instead the you can be directly refunded using the same form of payment once you have submitted a refund request the other party. Do not send your credit card’s number or the information on the back of the card to anyone by email at any time. Contact Phoenix, tell them you paid for the concert tickets with a credit card and give them the requested information on the tickets you purchased. You can also request a refund from the bank which provided the credit card with which the purchase was paid, by submitting a complaint to your bank or credit card company. This right is based on the Finnish Consumer Protection Act.

When Phoenix has received the necessary refund details from you, it should refund your money in a reasonable amount of time. This reasonable amount of time is at least two weeks from the time the company has received the information you have supplied for the refund.  After providing these details, you can wait for your refund for some time.

Because the refund may be made to your account/credit card without you receiving a separate notification of this, please follow your account events regularly.

If you do not receive a refund in a reasonable amount of time contact the European Consumer Centre.

The European Consumer Centre Finland helps Finnish consumers when the trader is located in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. Event organiser Phoenix Entertainment Finland is located in Romania. We at the European Consumer Centre can provide mediation assistance in cooperation with Romania’s European Consumer Centre, if the company does not provide the refund in question within 2 to 3 weeks of it receiving the information you supplied. In this case, please contact use so we can assist you in getting your refund.

If you do not receive a refund in the aforementioned time period, we will need the following documents for mediation:

1)      a copy of your concert ticket (scanned or a photograph)

2)      the notification of cancellation you received from Phoenix including the format and date of the notification

3)      all your complaints you have sent to Phoenix including their format and dates and the responses you have received

4)      a receipt on the purchase of your tickets

5)      your bank account details (IBAN code and your bank’s BIC code) for your refund.