Checklist for buying timeshare or similar products

It is worth thinking carefully about whether you want to commit to a timeshare or similar products.

A timeshare contract ties you to regular payments for years to come, and the resale market for holiday timeshares is practically non-existent. It is also good to remember that paying for something in advance is always a risk: can you really be sure that the cruise you are signing up for will actually go ahead in two years’ time?

Never go along to a sales presentation if you have not researched the seller and the product beforehand. Rash decisions can prove costly!


  • Ask for everything in writing. If there is a dispute later on, verbal promises can be difficult to prove.

  • Find out who is who. The Finnish promoter is probably not the person responsible for delivering on the contract. Always find out the identity of the company that you need to turn to if things do not go as agreed and whether they can provide customer service in Finnish/English.

  • Never sign a contract that you have not read or that you do not understand. Ask to take the papers with you so that you can familiarise yourself with them in peace.

  • Never agree to pay anything at the sales presentation or before the end of the cooling-off period (14 days). Asking for a down payment is against the law.

  • Make sure that you get written confirmation of your right to cancel. Never trust a verbal promise.