Cancellation or delay of a journey

Assistance in case of cancellation or delay of the trip

The bus company must provide you with assistance if, according to the schedule, the departure from the terminal is cancelled or delayed by more than 90 minutes for a journey of more than three hours with a minimum length of 250 km. Assistance means free snacks, meals or refreshments, if they are available in the bus or terminal or can reasonably be delivered there. If accommodation is necessary, you can also require it and assistance in arranging transport between the terminal and the place of accommodation. The bus company does not need to arrange accommodation if the delay was due to difficult weather conditions or natural disasters.

Bus or coach breakdown or accident on the way

If the bus or coach breaks during the journey, the bus company must arrange the continuation of the journey with another vehicle or transport to a suitable waiting place or terminal from which the journey can continue.

If the bus or a coach becomes involved in an accident, the company must look after the passengers’ immediate needs. The passengers can request help from the company, for example, in arranging accommodation, food, clothing, transport and first aid.

For instructions on how to make a complaint, see the section on how to complain.

Compensation in case of delay or cancellation

Ticket price refund or re-routing

If a bus or coach journey with a length of 250 km or more is cancelled or delayed by more than 2 hours, you can choose either a refund or re-routing. If you choose a refund, you can demand it for each cancelled leg of the voyage and also for an already completed leg of the voyage, if it no longer carries any benefit for the original travel plan. In addition, the bus company must arrange for free return transport by bus or coach to your first place of departure as soon as possible. If you wish to continue your journey, the bus company must arrange for re-routing to your final destination as soon as possible and free of charge.

If these options are not offered immediately, you can complain later and claim a refund of the ticket price and a compensation of 50% of the ticket price. In case of travel passes or season tickets the reimbursement shall be equal to its proportional part of the full cost of the pass or ticket.

Compensation for damage

If you have suffered damage due to a delay or cancellation of the bus or coach, you may be entitled to compensation. The compensation is determined by national law.

For instructions on how to make a complaint, see the section on how to complain.