Accommodation price comparison

Online services and portals that provide and compare more than hotel accommodation are usually only intermediaries, and the accommodation or rental agreement is made between the accommodation location (hotel or home owner) and the customer. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the terms of lease and cancellation, which may vary greatly depending on the lessor.

However, the use of different market places may also provide additional security for the customer. The rental amount of a holiday home may not be transferred to the lessor until signing in to the dwelling. The websites may also have compensation practices if there are shortcomings in the apartment or, for example, if you have to cancel the accommodation. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with these policies, rules and conditions carefully in advance so that you can act in the right way in any problem situations.

When comparing prices, pay attention to at least these issues

  • Do not trust beautiful images and descriptions. Read the online reviews of previous users of the accommodation, not just on the website of the marketplace. You can also check the location and examine the area in, for example, an online map service.
  • There are differences in hotel ratings. In different countries, hotels are classified according to different requirements. So it is not worth just looking at the star ratings.
  • Remember that even genuine consumer reviews are always based on the consumers’ own experiences. What has pleased someone may not be suitable for someone else.
  • It is a good idea to search for price information on more than one booking site, as some companies may not be included on all sites.
  • Room prices are usually in a constant flux according to demand.
  • Be careful in the booking phase and also check if there are any additional charges associated with the booking that increase the total price of the accommodation. Remember to also review the cancellation terms and conditions.