The ECC-Net highlights the challenges faced by consumers in the EU area

The European Consumer Centres, specialising in cross-border consumer issues in the internal market, are contacted by consumers more than 100 000 times every year, in addition to which their websites receive millions of visitors searching information on consumer protection in the EU area and on their rights.

The European Consumer Centres provide EU decision makers and national consumer authorities with information on problems encountered by consumers in the internal market with the aim of strengthening EU consumer rights and developing legislation. The European Consumer Centres want to ensure that consumer issues also remain on the agenda of the new Commission and Parliament for the next five years.

On 6 November 2019, the European Consumer Centres Network, or the ECC-Net, will arrange a panel discussion event under the heading ”The Future of the European Consumer” in Brussels for its stakeholders which include MEPs and representatives for the Commission, for the various EU Representations, for the ECC Network as well as for BEUC, an umbrella organisation for the European consumer organisations. At the event, the participants will discuss the challenges that EU consumers will face in the next few years, including the importance of sustainable development and e-commerce outside the EU. Approximately 100 participants have registered with this by-invitation-only event.

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At the Brussels stakeholder event, a brochure prepared by the European Consumer Centres during the present year for its stakeholders will be distributed, and a video demonstrating the activities of the network will be shown.

The European Consumer Centres have collected their observations on the challenges faced by European consumers in the Internal Market, including them in the report and highlighting the key themes on which the European Consumer Centres are working and the views on how consumer protection could be developed.

  • A brochure for the stakeholders of the ECC Network (in English)
  • An introduction video for the ECC Network (Finnish subtitles)
    short version (duration 0:59)
    long version (duration 1:51)

European Consumer Centres are found in all EU Member States, Norway and Iceland. In Finland, the European Consumer Centre is part of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.