Send your claim for compensation to the Go International bankruptcy estate by 23 April

If you have any unpaid receivables from the bankrupt tour operator Go International that you have not received from your vendor or credit card company, the European Consumer Centre Finland instructs you to submit a written reimbursement claim to the bankruptcy estate. You must send your reimbursement claim to the Go International AS bankruptcy estate trustee in Norway by 23 April 2015.

Liquidation process activities covering receivables of which the bankruptcy estate has been notified by 23 April are free to the consumer. If you wish to do so, you can use the English-language reimbursement claim form below. Completion instructions are included. Fill in, print out and sign the form; then scan it and send it as an email attachment or by post. A proof/copy of receipt of the payment must be enclosed with the claim.

Form: Creditor’s Claim

Form: Creditor’s Claim (RTF-file, Mac compatible)

If, instead of using the form, you wish to draft your own message, it must include the following matters: the reimbursement claim, the sum being claimed, your account information, your contact information and your signature (a signature is also required for emails, meaning that in practice you will have to scan or photograph a signed claim form and attach this file to your email or send it to the bankruptcy estate by post). Remember also to include a copy of your payment receipt.

Reimbursement claims must be sent by 23 April either by email to or by post to Go International konkursbo, v/Adv. Kjell Steinsbø, Postboks 43, 5401 STORD, NORWAY. In the case of posted letters, the latest acceptable post office stamp is 23 April. However, we recommend using email so that you have an accurate record of your message and its attachments.

You should be prepared for the process to take some time. It is also unlikely that, in the end, the bankruptcy estate will have any funds left to be distributed to unsecured creditors, which is the status of consumers who have ordered a package tour in case of bankruptcy. It is also possible for the process to expire due to a lack of funds.

If you have purchased your holiday using a credit card, you can also ask the credit provider – the credit card company or bank that issued the card – to refund the price of the cancelled holiday. Consumers who paid for their holiday using a debit card should also contact their bank in such cases.