The Consumer Ombudsman intervened in the travel agent SRG Finland’s practice to charge a handling fee to customers when a flight is cancelled

As a result of negotiations with the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman, travel agency SRG Finland has waived the collection of handling fees when an airline cancels a flight and returns the money paid for it to the customers. The travel agency also made a commitment to fulfill the requirements of the consumer representative not to charge a processing fee in certain situations in the future.

Oy SRG Finland Ab is part of the Swedish Etraveli group, and it maintains several booking portals, such as,, and Consumers can buy airline tickets through the sites, among other things.

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The Con­sumer Om­buds­man in­ter­vened in the travel agent SRG Fin­land’s prac­tice to charge a han­dling fee to cus­tomers when a flight is can­celled. Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s press release April 20th, 2023.

Consu­mer Om­buds­man’s de­ci­sion: The responsibility of the travel agency and the unreasonableness of charging a handling fee in connection with the refund of the price of the airline ticket (in Finnish). Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority March 21st, 2023.