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Court proceedings in cross-border trade consumer disputes

Taking a consumer dispute concerning cross-border trade to court is seldom worthwhile, because such matters are of relatively low financial value. If, however, considerable financial value is at stake and alternative dispute resolution is not effective, you should find out what your insurance coverage is and whether legal aid is available to you, and then consult a lawyer.

Information on judicial proceedings in the various EU Member States may be found on the website of the European Judicial Network. There, you will find information on the competent courts and applicable legislation and the time periods within which a suit must be brought.

Information on judicial proceedings in EU Member States

There are two mechanisms for dealing with disputes arising in cross-border trade in Europe. Their purpose is to simplify and speed up litigation across borders, and to reduce the costs of such litigation.

Further information is available here:

European small claims procedure

European order for payment procedure

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