What should you keep in mind when booking a trip? The ECC at the Matka 2018 Nordic Travel Fair

People planning a holiday trip also have European options available. Many consumers purchase flights or travel services or book accommodation directly from a foreign airline or tour operator and use different kinds of hotel booking websites. The European Consumer Centre offers guidance for both DIY travellers as well as people planning to book a travel package for their trip in possible problem situations both before and after the trip.

In problems involving booking flights, renting cars and booking accommodation, you can ask the European Consumer Centre for advice; it helps consumers with problems with companies operating in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.

The European Consumer Centre participates in the Matka 2018 Nordic Travel Fair from 18 to 21 January 2018 at the joint exhibition stand 6s59 with the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA).

The European Consumer Centre’s checklist for consumers planning to buy a trip 

  • Compare prices. Note that the price may also change while the reservation is being made.
  • If the tour operator or travel agency is new or not already familiar to you, find out who you are dealing with.
  • Be careful with names and dates when reserving flights, for example – making changes after the fact costs money, if it is even possible at all.
  • Remember that airline tickets and hotel bookings do not have a statutory right of cancellation. They can only be cancelled without losing the money if the terms and conditions specifically include the option to cancel. In contrast, tour packages are subject to a statutory right of cancellation.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully before making the reservation.
  • After you have made the reservation, check that you have received the order confirmation and that it has the correct information.
  • Always pay by credit card if you can.

Here are some other frequently asked questions from consumers:

  • Why shouldn’t you pick up or return a rental car during the night?
  • Why is it so difficult to get compensation for cancelled or delayed flights?
  • Who is liable for the dent in the front bumper of my rental car that I didn’t cause?
  • Is it possible to cancel a timeshare agreement made in the Canary Islands?

We answer these and other questions about travel that puzzle consumers at exhibition stand 6s59. Welcome!

Further information:

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Matka Nordic Travel Fair press release on 17 January 2018