Updated ECC.fi serves consumers in three languages

Our updated online service was launched in Finnish in December 2021. The language versions of the online service were completed during the spring, and now the new complaint and contact forms and a lot of other useful information are also available in Swedish and English. On our website, you can find answers to frequently asked questions on the most popular themes and letter templates that consumers can use when contacting or making a complaint to a foreign seller, among other things.

Our website also has a more streamlined look, and the information contents have been overhauled. Our new online service is now better suited for mobile use (smartphones and tablets). The fact that most of the visitors enter our website through search engines seeking specific information and do not go to the home page first has also been taken into account.

Providing consumers with information – quickly and easily

Ease of use is the guiding principle behind our website. We are looking at things from the consumer’s perspective and have analysed which matters prompt people to contact us. Travel, e-commerce and buying a car from abroad are the main themes on our website. Under these themes, you can find more detailed information on such issues as European consumer rights concerning travel, lists of tips on how to avoid problems in travel-related matters and when buying a car, and information on your rights to cancel purchases and on safe online payments. Our website also has answers to frequently asked questions on a thematic basis.

Forms and letter templates for easier contacts

On our new complaint forms, you are able to give all relevant information when contacting us for the first time. Contacting us becomes easier and cases can be processed more quickly. With the new forms, you can contact us in Finnish, Swedish or English. In addition to using the forms, you can also contact us by phone.

Using the forms, you can submit direct complaints about sellers or ask us about your own rights. On both pages of the form, there are also comprehensive instructions on what you should do before contacting us.

Many of our customers have thanked advisers of the European Consumer Centre for helping them to clarify matters with sellers in English when their own language skills have proved inadequate. The purpose of our new letter templates is to make contacts with sellers easier.

The templates, which you can find on our website, are in English and you only need to fill in the required sections. The letter templates include instructions in Finnish, Swedish and English.

There are letter templates on different themes and problems concerning air travel, car rental, e-commerce, subscription traps and bankruptcy claims. A power of attorney template is also available and it is intended for customers submitting complaints on behalf of other persons.

Welcome to the new ecc.fi/en website.

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