Newsletter 2/17 covers Chinese online stores and air travel vocabulary

ECC Finland’s newsletter 2/2017 includes the following:

Enrich your air travel vocabulary! Do you know what PIR is? Ever heard of the no-show clause or a point-to-point ticket? Air travel involves plenty of terms, abbreviations and vocabulary that are worth knowing before your buy a ticket. European Consumer Centre Finland has collected the most common concepts and explanations to you.

Problems with a product ordered from China? Did you receive a counterfeit product or a product that does not match your order from China, although you thought you were placing an order in a European online shop? We advise how to deal with a non-EU online store, that you are not able to contact after purchase or who doesn’t act in the best interest of the consumer.

Why read the contract terms? Have you thought that when you buy something from a foreign online store, you are entering into a contract? Do you know what you are committing yourself into and what contract terms should you pay attention to?

Buying second-hand cars abroad. Are you planning on buying a used car from another EU country, for example Germany? Preparing well in advance is worthwhile. Check out ECC Finland’s tips before you go shopping or head for retrieving the car.

Identification of counterfeit products online. We often get complaints from consumers who, knowingly or unknowingly, bought a counterfeit product online or have not received a product confiscated by Customs. How do you detect counterfeit products online and what should you do if you receive one?

Travel booking sites were sweeped in the EU. It becomes more and more common to book hotels and flights online. Is the price displayed on the travel price comparison site final or will there be extra charges? The EU consumer protection authorities found misleading marketing in the price comparison and travel booking sites.

Watch our latest video! On the video Saija Kivimäki, lawyer at European Consumer Centre Finland, explains briefly what to do when a consumer wants to cancel an online purchase. The video is in Finnish. On our YouTube channel you can find for example a video about what to do if a flight is cancelled because of a strike.

ECC Finland’s newsletter is issued quarterly.