Czech Airlines in bankruptcy – guidelines for consumers

The Czech Airlines has been declared bankrupt on March 10, 2021. Foreign creditors, i.e. for example Finnish consumers who have receivables from the airline, must file their claims with the bankruptcy estate within two months, no later than 10 May 2021. Consumers can use the attached model form, as the requirements must be made in Czech.

If you originally paid for your unused tickets with a credit card, you can turn to your credit company instead of the bankruptcy estate to get your money back. When paying with a credit card, the credit company is obliged to return the payment to the consumer in the event of bankruptcy. Many lenders and banks have a form on their website for applying for a refund, and it can be found, for example, with the word “card complaint”.

If you have paid for the flight ticket with a debit card, contact your bank. According to the terms of several banks, similar refund principles are also followed in so-called bank card payments.

If you are unable to obtain a refund from the card issuer, you must file a claim against the bankruptcy estate. Claims for bankruptcy must be made in Czech language by 10 May 2021. Use the attached form provided by the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic:

Send the completed and printed form with any additional attachments (booking confirmation, proof of payment, possible flight cancellation notice from the airline) to the court of Prague by 10 May 2021 by post to:

Městský soud v Praze
Pracoviště Slezská 9
120 00 Praha 2
Česká republika

If you have an electronic signature, you can also send the form and attachments by e-mail to:

Unfortunately, the consumer’s position in the airline’s bankruptcy situation is weak, as the consumer is only one creditor among others. The bankruptcy estate covers the debts according to a certain order of priority and the consumer claims are usually the last ones on the list, in which case there may no longer be any assets to be distributed in the estate.

If you have a claim from a company and need further advice, you can contact the European Consumer Centre Finland.