Annual ECC-Net report published for 2023

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net), which has 29 offices in the EU countries, Norway and Iceland, received a total of 124,119 queries from European consumers in 2023. In the complaint cases that proceeded to mediation, more than EUR 8.8 million were recovered in compensation from the companies to consumers.

This information, along with many other details, can be found in the annual report of the ECC-Net published in April 2024. In addition to contact statistics, the published review presents the network’s publications and opinions, as well as events organised by different ECC offices last year.

The report is in English, and it is aimed at the network’s stakeholders, such as EU decision-makers, consumer authorities, alternative dispute resolution bodies, and consumer organisations.

Watch a video of the highlights of the report 

Video is published on the YouTube channel of ECC Germany.

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Watch a video of the highlights of the report (YouTube channel of ECC Germany, video in English)