NextJet has declared bankruptcy – instructions for consumers whose flight has been cancelled

Swedish airline NextJet, which also has routes to Finland, has been declared bankrupt and all its flights have been cancelled.

If you have paid flights by credit card
You can claim the price of your flight ticket back from your credit card issuer.

If you have paid flights by bank card
Check your bank if they refund the price of the flight ticket under the contract terms.

If you are already on the way
Follow the information given by the airline. In the event of a bankruptcy, you will have to purchase a replacement return flight yourself if you are not on a package trip, because the airline can no longer arrange for return transportation. If you have paid a cancelled flight with a credit card, you can claim your unused flight from to your credit card issuer. If a payment has been made on a debit card, it is advisable to check the bank for a refund based on the contract terms of the card.

If you want to control your claim in the NextJet bankruptcy
Follow the information given by the airline, where you can find information on the bankruptcy administrator and procedure. Unfortunately, the position of an individual consumer is tenuous, because the airline is likely to have creditors which will be compensated first.