New customer service numbers for Consumer Advisory Services and European Consumer Centre Finland

Phone numbers for FCCA’s advisory services will change on 4 September 2023.

The new phone number for Consumer Advisory Services is 09 5110 1200. In this number, service is only provided in Finnish.
For service in Swedish, call 09 5110 1201.
The new service number for European Consumer Centre Finland is 09 5110 1205.

FCCA’s Consumer Advisory Services

Consumer Advisory Services provide instructions, advice and mediation assistance in disputes between consumers and companies. At, you can find all FCCA’s consumer advisory services, which in addition to a phone service also include an online contact form, a complaint assistant helping you to file a complaint, and up-to-date instructions.
You can contact our consumer advice telephone service at 09 5110 1200 as follows: Mon–Wed and Fri 9 am–12 noon, and Thu 12 noon–3 pm. Other services are also available outside these hours.
You can also keep up to date with the latest on Consumer Advisory Services on Facebook and Instagram. These sites are in Finnish only.

European Consumer Centre Finland

You can contact the European Consumer Centre Finland for information on consumer protection in cross-border trade between EU countries and for assistance in disputes involving traders located in other EU countries, Iceland or Norway. European Consumer Centres also cooperate with the UK International Consumer Centre.

You can also use online forms  for correspondence with the European Consumer Centre Finland.

During the early autumn, our telephone service is available Mon–Wed from 9 am to 12 noon at 09 5110 1205.
You can keep up to date with the latest on the European Consumer Centre Finland on our website at, on Facebook and X (Twitter). The European Consumer Centre Finland publishes a newsletter four times a year and you can sign up for it and receive it to your email.

Price of calls to numbers starting with 09

All calls (including queuing) to telephone numbers starting with 09 are charged at domestic rates. The charge is determined on the basis of the caller’s subscription contract. The calls are usually included in call packages.