FCCA to investigate Go International’s announcement of cancelled holidays

According to the news, the Norwegian tour operator Go International has announced to its clients that it has cancelled all departures to holiday destinations in Northern Cyprus from the evening of Friday, 13 February. In Finland, Go International holidays have been sold by at least Groupon, Top 10 Matkatarjoukset and TravelBird.

TravelBird has notified the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) of its plans to contact everyone, during this week, who has purchased a holiday from it and to refund the money such customers have paid.

Groupon has notified the FCCA that it has already contacted the customers involved and has begun to process refunds for departures that had been scheduled for February. Groupon is working to ensure that all Groupon customers are refunded.

The FCCA is still negotiating with Top 10 Matkatarjoukset as part of its investigation of the matter. The European Consumer Centre, operating under the FCCA, is also monitoring and investigating the situation. You can contact the European Consumer Centre by filling in our contact form on our website or calling us on +358 29 553 9500 on weekdays from 9 to 12.

If a consumer has purchased a holiday from these companies using a credit card, they can also ask the credit provider – the credit card company or bank that issued the card – to refund the price of the cancelled holiday. Consumers who paid their holiday using a debit card should also contact their bank in such cases.

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