E-commerce in time of pandemic: Follow the ECC-Net’s online panel discussion on November 16

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) is holding a panel discussion “E-commerce in time of pandemic” for its shareholders on Tuesday November 16th at 14.30-16 Finnish time. The panelists will discuss who have benefited from the pandemic, what are the biggest challenges e-commerce sector and consumers are facing, and what new consumer trends may have emerged during the pandemic, among other topics.

The panelists represent the following organisations / businesses:

  • The European Consumer Organisation BEUC
  • Amazon
  • Svensk Handel
  • German e-commerce directive contact point

See the agenda in more detal and information about panelists (pdf)

Watch the recording of panel discussion in YouTube

The discussion is moderated by European Consumer Center Poland, and it will be held in English.

European Consumer Center Poland and European Consumer Center Germany oversee the event’s arrangements.

The European Commission founded the ECC-Net in 2005 to help European consumers in cross-border consumer issues and to increase consumers’ trust in the internal market by providing information and assistance on consumer protection and traveller’s rights within the EU. Every EU country as well as Iceland and Norway have their own ECC. The operation of the ECC-Net is funded by the European Commission and member states. The ECC-Net receives more than 120 000 consumer questions and complaints annually. Number of contacts reached more than 160 000 during the pandemic year of 2020.

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