Airline Primera Air goes bankrupt

Primera Air has mainly flown charter flights in Finland.

Consumers who have bought a travel package are usually in a stronger position than someone who has bought a scheduled flight only. The tour operator that sold the package usually tries to find a replacement airline to handle the flights, so that the trip can be made as planned. If the trip is completely cancelled, you can request a refund directly from the tour operator. Follow the information provided by your tour operator.

If you have bought flights directly from Primera Air with a credit card, you can request a refund for the cancelled flight from your credit card company. If you are already travelling when the bankruptcy occurs, you will probably need to find a replacement flight for yourself. Follow the information provided by the airline.

If you have filed a written complaint about a flight delay with Primera Air and have not yet received a decision on your case, it is unlikely that you will receive compensation from the airline, which has filed for bankruptcy.

The position of an individual consumer in the event of an airline going out of business is tenuous, because the airline is likely to have a long list of creditors. Creditors’ receivables are recovered in an order of priority, and individual consumers are usually at the bottom of the list, by which time there may be no funds left to distribute. The process often involves fees and can take several years.