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2016 Consumer Markets Scoreboard: Leisure services performing well in the EU


According to the EU Consumer Markets Scoreboard 2016, consumers rated leisure services highly. Holiday accommodation was considered to be the best service market. Cultural and entertainment services came second, sports services (such as gyms) third, and package tours fourth.  These market received similar consumer ratings in all EU member states, and all four markets also improved their results since 2013. Online gambling services received the poorest ratings.

The Consumer Markets Scoreboard expresses consumers' views on the performance of 42 goods and services markets. The Consumer Markets Scoreboard contains the results of interviews of 500 consumers from each EU member state per sector, with the exception of Luxembourg, Iceland, Malta and Cyprus, where the number of interviewees was 250.

The Consumer Markets Scoreboard evaluates, among other things, consumers' trust in sellers' conformance with consumer protection regulations, comparability of offers, consumers' choices, fulfilment of expectations and problems encountered by consumers.

Consumer Markets Scoreboards have been published since 2008. 

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2016 Consumer Markets Scoreboard: Market performance improved, but more efforts needed in telecoms and energy sector. European Commission's Press release on 5 September 2016

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