Evästeiden käyttö Euroopan kuluttajakeskuksen verkkosivuilla

Euroopan kuluttajakeskuksen verkkosivuilla käytetään evästeitä (cookies) käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseksi ja käyttöä koskevien tilastojen keräämiseksi. Lue lisää evästeiden käytöstä

Car hire

My rental car broke down and I incurred extra costs and a lot of inconvenience as a result. Who should I complain to?

You should complain to the hire car company from which you picked up the car. Even if you book your rental car through a Finnish website, the actual contract is usually not signed until you pick up the car from the local hire car company.

I have heard that hire car companies sometimes put extra charges on people’s credit cards weeks after they have returned their rental car. What are these extra charges for?

These kinds of charges are usually for repairs that the hire car company considers to have been caused by the consumer. Extra charges can also be the result of administrative costs that hire car companies incur as a result of fines and traffic tickets given to their customers. It is worth checking your credit card statements regularly after you return a rental car.

Tips for avoiding extra charges can be found here.

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