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About us

Welcome to the website of the European Consumer Centre!

We can provide you with information on consumer issues in cross-border trade when you buy products or order services outside Finland, in other EU Member States or in Norway or Iceland.

We give advice on product ordering, payment and returns and other transaction problems. If necessary, we can also warn you about the pitfalls of online shopping and unreliable vendors.

We can also help you find a conciliation solution in individual disputes concerning cross-border trade. However, dispute resolution assistance is only available for purchases made in the EU outside Finland.

Our website contains information on cross-border trade and consumer rights under EU legislation.

Conciliation is the principal aim

The European Consumer Centre focuses on individual consumer disputes with a view to retrieving consumer receivables in cross-border trade. We are not a public authority, so we cannot order a vendor or a service provider to pay restitution or compensation due to a breach of agreement.

What we try to do is to achieve conciliation in the matters we handle. In some cases, we may refer you to an alternative dispute resolution entity (ADR entity), a body outside the judicial system and usually located in the EU Member State in which you bought the product or service in question.

Support from a European network

In Finland, the European Consumer Centre Finland is part of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA).

We have a 7-member team consisting of experts from the FCCA and local register offices. Our operations are funded by the Finnish government (the FCCA, Local Register Office of Uusimaa and Local Register Office of Inland Finland) and the European Union.

The Finnish office of the European Consumer Centre collaborates closely with its counterparts in other countries. These form the European Consumer Centres Network, which is governed by the European Commission.

Consumers who have issues with Finnish enterprises should contact Consumer Advisory Services

If you need advice or assistance regarding a purchase made from a Finnish enterprise, you need to contact Consumer advice.

The FCCA monitors the consumer market and addresses anomalies at a general level, as necessary. Information on consumer protection in Finland may be found on the FCCA website.

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Office in Finland

European Consumer Centre

c/o Competition and Consumer Authority 

Siltasaarenkatu 12 A, 8th floor 

PL 5 00531 HELSINKI, Finland

Tel. 029 553 9500, Mon-Fr 9.00-12.00

All contacts to European Consumer Centre Finland are recorded in a database hosted by the European Commission. To view our privacy policy, please see data protection.

Information regarding the complaint procedure

You can find information regarding for example the progress of your complaint in frequently asked questions.

Your consumer rights

Your consumer rights

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